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July 14, 2008



Great prize, thanks for the chance. :)


Whoooo I need a score-pal! Mine always come out crooked :-(

Cass M

Wow, what a fantastic giveaway! Thanks ....
Lucky duck to those 2 who win!!

Susan N

I already have a Scor-Pal so please do not add my name in the drawing. I just wanted to comment that if you do not win the Scor-Pal you need to purchase it or put it on your Christmas list. It is the "best"! I use mine all the time. It is so easy to use and once you get one you will wonder why you did not get it sooner. It is very light weight so it is easy to carry around. Good luck to all of you.


How Cool is that!!! I can't wait to get my hands on some new A Muse stamps!!!!

riza almanza

I've been wanting one for a long time! I hope and pray that I'll win one!

Patty E.

I really want one of these! What a fantastic giveaway, thanks for sharing!


I think Scor-Pal is a great idea for a product. Thanks for the chance to play!

michele h.

I have held off on purchasing a scor pal, but after attending Julie's classes in Sacramento, I'm thinking I need to change that..and soon!

thanks....Michele h..

Jill Swanson

That is way cool. I would love to win. Jill S

Amanda Sewell

How awesome! I have never used a scor pal -- would love to try it!


Looks like fun!

Cindy Vernon

Wow, I love this!!


Scor-Pal has been on my wish list for ages! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.


So Cool. This is one fabulous product.


If I win a Scor-Pal, I'll clean up my clutter. I promise.....

Susie P

Awesome giveaway! Sign me up!


Totally love the original scor it but would LOVE to win this! Pick me pick me...i am feeling so lucky!

yvonne versloot

o yes i love this wonder tool

Kerry from PA

Woo hoo - jumpin' at my chance to win one of these babies!


Looks very handy! Sign me up!


Wow, I would love to win a Scor-Pal. I don't have one yet, but heard such great things about it.


Ooh Scor-Pal. I'm drooling!

(ps. I can't remember which email address I used to register - it was either yahoo or gmail!)


WOW!!! What a GREAT prize! Thanks A Muse and Scor-Pal!


I was just looking at the scor-pal this weekend, after a super fun amuseapalooza with Tami Wood. Tami had made these adorable matchbook mints (they are also on Linda's blog) and I just have to make them for the bridal and baby showers that I am hosting this summer! Thanks for telling me more about this great product!!

Tobey Shepherd

me, me, I soooo want a scor-pal!!! I am having so much fun for AMAP!!!

Betty T

I had an opportunity to use the Score Pal at one of Julie's classes here in Sacramento. It's an awesome tool and would certainly like to have one.

Sharon Knitter

What a great prize. I'm craving a Scro-Pal.

Tinla W

Wonderful and generous giveaway! Thank you for the chance; Tinla


Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to finally get one!!!!!


I've used the ScorPal in classes and it is a great tool! I would love to have one for myself!


The SCOR-PAL ROCKS! Who wouldn't want one. This has been a fun week of activities with A*MUSE, thank you.

nancy l.

So who wouldn't love a Score Pal??? What a cool tool. : )


I just used one of these the other night and loved it!


It's super cool! Too awesome for words!!!

Jill Grace

Just saw the score pal demoed at Paper Tales and love it! Thanks for the cool contest!


How very cool! What a great give away!!! Thanks for sharing!

jenifer vanpelt

I sure could use a Scor-Pal. I hope you pick me!

Kelly A.

Wow! Thanks for the chance to win! :)


We loved the scor-pal at our class pictured!!


Ooooohh, I would love to get my hands on this fabulous tool!! I've heard soo much great things about SCOR-PAL and it's really sad that my LSS don't carry it.. :0( So, please, pick me, pick me, pick me!! Pretty please with sugar on top :0) Thanks soo very much for the chance!! A Muse rocks!!

Michelle W

I've been wanting one! I can't wait to be the winner :)

Kristin O

Score-pal, you're the best!!


oh I would just love to win one of these! I keep seeing them used and I'm just fascinated! Thanks for the opportunity.


I've always wanted a Scor-pal!!!!!

Joanne Travis

I'm bummed that I missed the event over the weekend, looks like you gals had fun!


Looks like a great tool! Thanks for all the in depth suggestions and products! Its a great help to decide whats new and tops above the rest. :)


Now that is very cool!

Jill C

Way to celebrate summer stamping style. Love it!


I have used the Scor-Pal at my LSS... love it!

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