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May 22, 2007



Congrats Pam!!!!! Have fun spending :)

Mary C. Anderson

Congratulations Pam. Wow!I had no idea that there were that many stamps in the suitcase. Good job!



Hey!!! I know her!!! Yeah Pam!!!!!


You want to know something really funny?! I said 957 instead of 956 cause I thought it should be an odd number.

diane mcvey

Way to go Pam! What a close guess! I was WAAAAAY off...you did a great job! Have fun with your new stamps!!! :)


Gosh... I thought my answer was way over! Congrats to the winner and lets not forget Pebbles - that's a job, to put everything back in place! This was so much fun!


Wow ... great guess! Congrats Pam!

N.Yvette P.

Great guess Pam!! Wow, I would have never guessed there was that many!! Congrats to you!!

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