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May 23, 2007



Eeeeee! I just loooove the stamp shop! Adorable! :)


Oh, I love it!!!!!


Get out! That's too cute! Can't wait to see more ... hint, hint.

Chris Hauck

Too cute! More, more, more! Grin :)


I love those. I am with you girls...more, more PLEASE.

Kristina Lewis

Ahhhh! I must have it! Love it!


That's just plain torture.

Katie S.

Ohhhhh, so cute!!

Mary C. Anderson

I will be in line to buy the Stamp shop stamp. It is adorable.


N.Yvette P.

LOVE IT!!! I have to get this stamp!! Thanks so much for sharing...I'm so looking forward to the fall release. A Muse ROCKS!!

N.Yvette P.

I forgot to say in my previous post: Fabulous card Becky!!

Beverley Todd

I can't wait to get this stamp either LOL


No fair! how long was it posted? I missed it wahhhh wahhhh sniff sniff. It was crazy at work yesterday and I did not get a chance to look. I was not worried because I thought it would stay posted....... snif, snif, sniff, one more peak, please, please grovel grovel......


Dang i missed it ... one more sneak peek please....

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