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July 11, 2007



CONGRATULATIONS Amy! All of the Ambassadors made Amuseapalooza so much fun. Thank you for the inspiration! I can't wait for my event in Ohio on Friday!!


Congratulations ladies!!

kim faucher

Congrats on such a fun 10 weeks..... Congrats AMy!!!!!!!!!!! a muse newest ambassador!!!!!! so excited for you!


Taylor VanBruggen

Congrats, Amy & Geeta!! I had such fun participating and I'm so happy to be among the winners! Thanks A MUSE!!


Way to go Amy!!!! Congrats to Geeta and Taylor as well! You all did a great job!


Congratulations ladies!!!!


CONGRATS Amy, Taylor and Geeta!! :)


Congratulations to all the winners! Enjoy :)


Great work, girls. You must be very excited!


***shriek***** OMGosh YAY!!! I never win anything - this is too cool!! Congrats to the other ladies too!! I'm so excited!!


congrats amy :) and congrats to ALL the ambassadors.. you all kicked some serious butt!!!


Congrats to all the winners! I loved seeing everyones stuff!


Congratulations Amy, Taylor and Geeta! I am so happy for you! It was so much fun to see what everyone did during this competition! Thanks for the amazing ideas and inspiration!


Congrats ladies! Very excited for you, especially Taylor. I just love her A Muse designs!!!


Congratulations to you all!

AMy, Taylor and Geeta!


Congrats to you all, you did fabulous jobs!

Sarah B

Congrats all. What a fun experience this whole ambassador competition has been. HUGE THANKS to Emily for all her hard work keeping track of everything. Thanks also to Linda and everyone working with A Muse for all the wonderful motivation and inspiration. Congrats again to Amy, Taylor and Geeta. Happy stamping ladies!


congratulations guys! i've enjoyed staying in the know through the posts on your blogs! :) lexi

Mary C. Anderson

Wowzer! Congratulations to Amy, Taylor and Geeta. I hope you all enjoy uor gifts. :)

A huge thanks to Linda for sharing her celebration with all of us and to Emily for keeping track of the wekely reports.

A big applause to all of the wonderful women who participated in the A-Muse-A-Palooza Amabassador contest. Including Moi. :)I have had lots of fun for the past 10 weeks and I hope that all of you did too.


Tami W.

Congrats ladies. It has been real! To me, everyone is a winner! I hope we continue on like this as lots of wonderful online friendships have been formed and there is so much talent out there. We A Muse lovers must stick together and keep on swapping man!! Have a super rest of the AP week. A big shout out to "my girls"....you know who you are!! Sending A Muse hugs your way from MN.

Mo Moss

Congratulations to Amy. A well deserving person. She is such an inspiration to me. Good going!!!!!

Mo Moss

Congratulations to Amy. A well deserving person. She is such an inspiration to me. Good going!!!!!

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