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July 14, 2007


Jennifer Lim

My first stamp was....pea pod.


Vespa Girl


The Nadia scooter.


My first Amuse stamp was a frog wearing a witch's hat. I love Hallowe'en and he peeked from many projects and my cards that season!


The first time I purchased A Muse stamps, I bought Retro Rectangle, Skinny Oval and Lots Of Dots... because they're such cool, fun looking designs, as well as versatile!

I would have purchased Seattle Girl that day, to go with the Skinny Oval, but they were sold out. It rains a lot where I live, so it's the perfect stamp for me. I've since purchased one and the cards I've made with it have been a hit with everyone... thanks A Muse! :)


This is tough, but I'm pretty sure it was the tree with tire swing.


I bought the flip flops and tiny crab at the same time.

Amy H

I don't have any muse stamps YET! But my first was SU warm words


I bought the bride and groom and a congratulations stamp to go with it. I cased one of the cards exactly, that's how I started stamping!

june g

my very special first one was the pirate boy. i was making my then 6 yr.old bday invites.


Splendiferous day! The all-time best sentiment in the history of stamps, I'm sure!

Melissa Norris

Mine was duck family.


Gosh, I have been collecting Amuse stamps for several years but I would say it was "Happy Birthday" words.


I think I bought "Happy Birthday retro" first and never looked back!!!

scoopy (Emily)

Thought I'd post my answer too just for fun! My first A Muse stamps were the Pea Pod and Sweet Pea stamps!


"Happy Birthday!" was my first.

Mary C. Anderson

My very first A Muse stamp was the Kissing Couple. I bought it to make a card for my husband.



I really hate to say I don't own an AMUSE stamp yet...that's right YET! It is on my long list of things. My first stamp was an Happy Birthday saying at Hobby Lobby. Thanks for a chance.


Love, Peace and Joy


Seattle Girl. She's still my favorite!

Sarah B

Seattle Girl!

Beverley Todd

My first A Muse stamps (bought at the same time) were 'he skates' & 'She Skates' around 2 years ago. I've got quite a few more since then LOL

Rachel Hope

Hmmmm, wow....hard to remember that far back, but I would have to say it was "Hi Girlfriend"


I am ashamed to say I don't own an amuse stamp yet(sigh) My first stamp set was SU flasky friend. Thanks for sharing.

Geeta / TexasLonghorns/Craftyengineer

I ordered a bunch my first time but my favorite is the happy birthday Ma greeting!


My first Amuse stamp was (all caps) HAPPY SUMMER 9-8055B. I didn't even realize it was Amuse until I pulled it out one day to use waaaay after I started my Amuse stamp collection. I thought, "Oh my gosh! I had this stamp all along and never realized it's Amuse!" Needless to say I was tickled pink. So, I guess I can say that was my very first Amuse stamp. So, I put it in with my collection of other Amuse stamps. I was so excited!


My first Amuse stamp was 'Forever Friends'.
I'm new to Amuse stamps but they are quickly becoming my favorite stamps! : )


My very first AMuse stamp was house and trees 2-7011D I wa making just moved cards!


My first amuse stamp was baby line.


I bought my first A*Muse stamps last year at A*MUSEA*PALOOZA. I bought a few that time, so I will say that my first were Boris and his Ingredients. 1 year later and I know have over 100 A*Muse stamps, thanks to my purchase today!

Aura Flora

The welcome mat. Love that little guy!


My first was a sentiment - still one of my all-time faves - that reads "Friends Make Life Blossom."

Kathy Jackson

Mine was the skinny ovals --- thanks to Amy, she is such an enabler!!!

N.Yvette P.

I think my first A Muse stamp was "Flip Flops". I still adore that stamp!!

Amy Paulson

My first stamp was the rock star stamp. Saw the card online and LOVED IT!! Made a trip to Seattle and had to buy all the stamps that went with that design. (along with others too :)

Amuse is my new favorite store and my friends and I are planning a girls day and we are coming to SHOP!!

Julie Miller

The first Amuse stamp I bought was
flower drinks. I bought it because it was such a cute stamp for summer or a party invite. The store where I bought it had a card done w/ it and had put crystal laquer
on the drink part, it looked just like you could drink them.


first stamp? how could i buy just one?! i bought my first 4 together, before i even "knew" about a muse at a cute store in orlando while visiting and stamping with my cousin...

boutique, cafe, bakery & shopper

to make a shopping scene card, of course--the samples got me hook, line & sinker!

:) lexi

Amy Paulson

My first stamp was the rock star stamp. Saw the card online and LOVED IT!! Made a trip to Seattle and had to buy all the stamps that went with that design. (along with others too :)

Amuse is my new favorite store and my friends and I are planning a girls day and we are coming to SHOP!!


Mine was 'little tree'. I bought it last summer at I'm Impressed up in Vancouver, BC. I was hooked ever since.


I don't remember which stamp I actually picked off the shelf first, but the first one I used was the recliner along with sitting here and mmm... chocolate. I used a marker to ink up sitting here and left off the word you. I stamped mmm.... chocolate inside the card and then wrote. I meant you - thinking of you. Really, I did.

Seeing as I spend a lot of time in my recliner (I'm here now) and I love chocolate, I thought it was pretty funny.

janet macleod

my first was the little cupcake


Doggie Bag


My first AMuse stamp was Chick, long legged chick with a bow around her neck. My first series of stamps all had to do with Easter!


Pirate Jack was my first A Muse stamp, a gift from my dear friend and A Muse enabler, Connie. But I think the first fun A Muse stamp that I purchased was "happy birthday little dude." Too cute!

Thanks for all the fun and inspiration this week (and the past 10)... Let the countdown to AMAP 2008 begin! :)

Emily Anderson

my first stamp was the lingerie stamp...i love it!


My first stamp(s) were: the Christmas mouse (2-2092B), the staircase with the mouse hole (7-2109E)and the Twas Tree (2-2033H). It was a family tradition to always read the Night before Christmas on Christmas Eve. My daughter in now living in Scotland so I made a card with these stamps to send her.


I only have 2 so far and can't remember which one I bought first, so I'll just say: sending you sunshine.


My first... and still one of my favorite... was Santa's Coat.

I think the new sentiment- wishing you a magical holiday season!- goes perfectly with it!


My first stamp was the daisy and shortly thereafter came the tiny daisy!!!


My first Amuse stamp was the little polka dotted swimming pool. So cute.

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