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July 10, 2007


Kristina Lewis

I already did this! So here is part one of my stories that will be occurring throughout the week! Last night was a BLAST!!


I did this too! Last night was a blast!!! Here's the report on my blog!

Beverley Todd

I've only just done mine - left my camera at the store last night LOL

Maya a.k.a. Mo

This is just the first stop of many this week!



i started some of my event reporting here:


Kristina Lewis

Today's awesome classes!


Here's mine, it was super fun!



Happy A-MUSE-A-PALOOZA! I ventured out to the Ink Spot in Kirkwood, MO today for my first event (a Halloween-themed Make & Take -- featuring the three ghosts image which I believe was one of Linda's teasers!). Cute, cute! No pictures to share, but I'll share the excitement! I, of course, found a few more A Muse images that I HAD to have (BEFORE the new releases, you say?!? Yes, it's true. Ouch! :) ) When I was checking out, the sales gal mentioned, "I think I've said 'see you tomorrow' to almost everyone today! It should be a good time!" Tomorrow night, you see, is the BIG REVEAL of all the new images at the Ink Spot... Good times!

Lynn Mercurio

I have pictures to share from the event last night at The Inkspot. What a fun time we all had. Please check out the pictures that I have posted to my blog.


Thank you AMUSE for the great event and the weeks of anticipation! Well worth it!

Kristina Lewis

Today we were Spellbound! Too much fun! I am going to go through A Muse withdrawl after tomorrow! I am having SOOOO much fun!

Sarah B


Here's my link. I hope it works. Boy did we ever have a lot of FUN!! Just like Kristina, I'm going to go through withdrawl starting Monday!


Here's a couple of pictures from the "Make & Take" at Monkey Love in Seattle:


As soon as I download the pictures of the cards I made there, I will post them as well. I can't believe A-muse-a-palooza is almost over ...

Marg M

Event Reporting from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Carole Crawford, the owner of Paper Pastimes http://www.paperpastimes.com/ in Calgary, was one of a few stamp stores in Canada that took part in the “A-Muse-A-Palooza” Celebration. And what a celebration it was! Carole has stocked many A-Muse stamps in her store for a period of time, so when her customers heard that she was participating in “Amuse-A-Palooza”, they were thrilled. A large number of her customers and friends took part in many activities. There was a poster colouring contest, a sneak preview of the new stamps, an Open House, an Artist’s Trading Card Swap (with an A-Muse challenge), several Tea Time/Quick and Easy Card classes, make and takes and of course food goodies. On top of this, there were door prizes for A-Muse supplies and draws for “Amuse-A-Palooza” T-shirts. It was a great opportunity to meet with fellow stampers and experience the fun of the 2nd Annual “A Muse-A-Palooza” stamp extravaganza. To see photos of the event go to my photo site on Flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/88039493@N00/?saved=1


Here's some pics of Amuseapalooza at The Rubber Stamp Fantasy in Marietta, GA



Ink Spot class cards and stamps.

Liz N

Here is the A*Museapalooza event at Cottage Stampers in Hartville, OH. Linda & her staff outdid themselves and exceeded my expectations! Check out the amazing projects we did!



I was at The Cottage Stampers in St. Charles, IL for one of the Amuseapalooza class. The cards were awesome and Karen and the crew did a great job!!! Lots of great selection to the new stamps and love all the new stamps. I wish I can have them all!!!

Kristina Lewis

The Finale in Plymouth Minnesota!

Mindy Miller

Here are some pics from our festivities at Stamp Antonio Arts, in San Antonio,TX.

Thank you again, AMuse, for allowing us to be a part of this WONDERFUL CELEBRATION in 2007!


This was a great event with Stamp on Over in Sunnyvale, CA:



As promised, here's the pictures of the 2 cards I made at Monkey Love on Friday night:


Both cards are really cute!


I couldn't let the week go by without hitting up one more store, this one in Sacramento, CA:


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