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July 10, 2007



I am the Cruisin' stamp - I am a huge car fanatic and love racing! Enjoying a great summer's day with the top down is a fabulous place to be.


I am "Mouse".
My parents called me that when I was a kid. :)


totally the rock star...or at least that's what I like to believe...lol


I am the *Announcer* cause standing up with a megaphone is the only way I can get the wild animals (DH and DD, age 8 ) to listen to anything I say!!! LOL

Sarah B

I'm so Lizzie. She's a princess, isn't she? That's what my name means ... plus she's at the TOP of my list of stamps to get next (well, after all these adorable new releases of course!).

Renee Vroman (happystamper05)

Definitely "Shopper", the girl shopping.

Seems like I'm always shopping - sometime for fun like for stamps and other times for groceries and household supplies.

Have a great A*Muse-a-Palooza!

Sarah Sheridan

I am Ellie with the bow... she is just too cute!!

Kristina Lewis

I think I'm Inuit Girl because I live in Minnesota and am usually bundled up!


For sure the shopper girl!

Beverley Todd

I'm the lion! My zodiac sign is leo, I can be a bit scary but I'm mostly soft & fluffy. Don't torment me tho' - I have a ferocious roar & my bite is definitely worse LOL


I am going to say the "Sweet Shop" stamp because I love sweets...My nickname is "Cookie"....

Julie Masse

I think the Tent - our family loves to camp! What a fun contest!


The drumset!


I am going to say the crafted by stamp, because I am very crafty. I stamp,scrap,knit,bead, and anything else that is creative!

Bethany Paull

I'd have to say Tennis Gal. Not that I'm any good at it, but my husband and I try to play every week.

Aura Flora

Right now I feel like the vespa girl because in less than 48 hours, I'm getting away with my girls to AMUSEAPALOOZA in St. Louis!


Vespa girl! Don't know why but I see a little bit of me in her ;)


I have to say Three Cups for me. I love coffee and hot chocolate and fun mugs to drink it from and the friendship you share over coffee.


Patch!! I'm a dog mom and LOVE my little fur child :)


I would say the Shopper... I'm like her that I swing my arms while I walk, and I like to shop.


I am the 'Campfire', definitely.


I am the new Stamp Shop stamp as I have so many stamps and products I sometimes feel like an actual Stamp Shop!!


I am 100% the Vespa girl! I used to have one when I was still living in Italy ... and I dream of getting one again:)

Kerri Killmer

I'm the couch at the moment, just after lunch and need a nap!


I am half of the "Kissing Couple" because I got married last week! (We're back to wearing regular clothes now!)


So since I live in the prairies I am going to say I am the cow. Love that stamp!


Definately the Duck Family. With four kiddos, we're always on the go.


I am the Camper :) We love to go camping and spend time outdoors!

Liz N

I'm totally Lizzie at heart (what a coinky-dink that we share the same name!).


I love the lemonade - so refreshing! Thanks!

Kelly Braund

I would have to say the announcer (although the frazelled looking owl was a close 2nd!) because I feel like I'm always making an announcement to my 3 kids.:)

Tracey Cuccia

I am "Expecting Mother"...since I'm due with my second child at the end of September :)

Tina M ayo

I am the prego gal or expecting mother, definitely at this point, very cute stamps!!I dont have any activities near me--I soooooooo wish I did, maybe next time I could venture to another state to go. :0(


Calamity Jane ... we even share part of the name (the j in mj stands for Jane). We've got geese & chickens and I like my boots (but I try to stick to flip flops being in FL) and we live in the country!


I am Vespa Girl for sure...I just love that stamp!


Little devil is the stamp for me. My DH calls me troublemaker!

Mary Kahler

I'd be the shopper in front of the bebe store cause I've got a beautiful 4 month old baby granddaughter, my first grandchild!


I am definitely a tiger.

Tina Fussell

I am totally a "Shopper" girl!


I would be the shopper because I am addicted to shopping. It drives my husband crazy!


I am totally the curly girl. Thank goodness I live in the south, because I have a big ole head of hair!


The mad scientist is all me!

Taylor VanBruggen

I'm Makenna! Gotta love the sweets! Anything sweet! :)

Beth Rang

You can call it PMS or hormones but I've been the tiny crab lately and I can't resist stamping it everywhere.


I'll go with the "chair and lamp" ......looks like a good place to relax with a good summer read

Jenn Jones

Right now I am Seattle Girl because it won't stop raining here in Nashville!!!

Jackie R

I think I am most like Flower Girl...walking around enjoying the flowers!

Kathy W

I'm absolutely the Drum Set. I'm always moving to a beat, and most times it is to my own rhythm.


I have to go with the Love Bus. I love anything retro!

june g

i am the cow, because we are always moooving!!

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