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June 02, 2008



Hmmmm-my guess is Cool Shadow, and the Mermaid.

Val S

A Copic colour frequently used for shadowing could be C1. A popular Amuse stamp could be Margarita!

A. Flora

Cool Grey is used and the rock star of course!


I'm going to guess..... 1. R02 and 2. Donald (how do you pick, they're all so good!)


Cool Shadow and Boris!


1. Cool Gray 1
2. Seattle Girl
Hooray for the start of A-Muse-A-Palooza!!


The FUN has begun!!!!!!

1. Cool shadow
2. Tiny bird

Doreen Schostek

1. Cool Shadow 2.Tiny bird
Looking forward to the weeks ahead leading up to "da palooza".

Tina W

My guess is Cool Grey 1 and Seattle girl!


i would guess cool gray as well, but i have no idea! now, the most popular AMuse stamp... how hard is that to choose! ok, if i have to guess, i'm gonna say "Patch".

Jami Reitz

cool shadow & Seattle girl

Jo Ann F.

I am guessing cool shadow and tiny bird


1. Cool gray #1
2. Skinny oval

Vicki C.

1. Cool Shadow
2. Tiny Bee


My guesses are:

1. Cool Shadow
2. Tiny Bird


My guesses are Cool Shadow and Tiny Bird!


Cool shadow and rock star.


Hmmm....cool shadow and Seattle Girl.


Whoo Hooo!!! Let the FUN begin.
My answers are......
1. Cool Gray 1
2. Seattle Girl

Edye Giordano

Cool Shadow and Super Hero - I could just be thinking about Father's Day on the Super Hero stamp!


My guess is Cool Shadow and the Gerber Daisy.


I am going to say...
1. Cool Shadow
2. Tiny Bird
Thanks for the fun times!


I'm going to have to say cool shadow & tiny bird. Thanks!


My answers:
1. Cool Shadow
2. Window

Kristin Z.

My guess is Cool Shadow and Gerber Daisy!


Cool Shadow and Super Hero

Susie P

Cool gray and tiny bird

Julie Masse

Cool Gray and Announcer! :)

Lynn Mercurio

...and representing the Mercurio Family, it's Lynn! 100 crafter's surveyed for the top answers to the following questions:

1. Name a Copic marker frequently used for shadowing.
Answer: W-1 Cool Grey
2. Name a popular A Muse stamp
Answer: Mini Oval (lame guess, but it's one that I can see a lot of stampers needing)

Thanks for the fun and the chance to win.


1. Cool Shadow
2. Rock Star

This is soooo fun!

Cheryl Sims

Cool grey#1
Skinny oval
Cheryl Sims

Lee Anne

1. Cool Grey
2. Curly Girl


Cool grey and I love the little super hero!


cool grey and the solid oval stamp


I say:
1) cool gray
2) gerber daisy

Stephanie J.

Cool Shadow and Elyse.

Donna V

My answers:

Cool Shadow and Owl Buddies

Sharon Knitter

Cool grey and the golfer girl!


My guesses are cook grey 1 and Seattle girl.


I would say cool shadow and spiral daisy.

rhiannon christianson

Well here goes nothin'!
1. Cool Shadow
2. the practical side of me says the skinny oval...but the fun side of me says...Seattle Girl...Final answer :)

Thanks for the challenge...and of course for A-Muse-A-Palooza!! Woo Hoo :)


I think.....
Cool Shadow and tiny birdie


Cool Shadow - BG10
Tiny Bird


Cool Shadow
Tiny Bird

shirley n-w

Hmmmm? I would have to say cool shadow and tiny bird. (He pops up everywhere)

shirley n-w

Hmmmm? I would have to say cool shadow and tiny bird. (He pops up everywhere)


My guesses are:
1. Cool Shadow
2. Tiny Bird

I hope I win!


1. Cool gray
2. Seattle Girl (my favorite and first A Muse stamp also)

So happy to have AMAP here at last!

Dottie K

1. Cool Grey
2. Seattle Girl

These would be my choices. Dottie K. :)


1. C1
2. Seattle Girl (but only if we're picking one-truly there are so many I love)

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