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June 14, 2008


kim lenhart

Bring on the prizes!! Yippee! Thanks


Yay! This is so much fun. Thank you.


Yummy Clearsnap goodness, indeed :-). Kudos to another great sponsor!


Oh I would love to win some of these.


I love Clearsnap! I quickly became a fan since last year's Amuse-a-palooza!

Cheryl Sims

I have never used clearsnap inks, so this would be a fun prize to win. Thanks for sharing these cute cards.
Cheryl Sims

Patricia Hayrynen

Clearsnap has been my favorite for as long as I've been stamping. That's a looong time. Thanks for offering such a wonderful prize. Pat


Oooohh, I soo like these inks!! I have a few and yes, they're absolutely wonderful to use...sooo versatile. It's an all-around ink!! Ooohhh, I hope I'm lucky enough to win these!! Thanks for the chance, awesome cards you got here!!

~Armie :0)


I still have the first colorbox pads and cat eyes I bought when I started stamping almost 10 years ago! They are good stuff!
Thanks for the chance to win!


I have some of their inkpads and they're really great. Is it my lucky day?! I want to have all of those inkpads!

Elyss jennings

SWEET! I love these inks.


Happy Now

HOORAY for awesome sponsors! :)

Jo Ann F.

I love clearsnap stamp pads! How could I be an a muse addict without them?!!!


i particularly love the chalk inks - they are just DIFFERENT than other inks... thanks for the chance to win some clearsnap goodness!

Carol O'Leary

Color Box Petal Points were some of my first stamping purchases. So many beautiful coordinating colors in an affordable, storable format!


I have yet to use the Fluid Chalks Inkpads...I would love to try them! Thanks for the chance! Cookie :)


ohhh! I love those chalk inks! so many colors that are nice together. Thanks for a chance to win some! they're the best!

Erika M

Oh more prizes - I hope I win some of the awesome goodies.


Oh, how I love these contests. Now, if only I could win one!!!!!!!!


I love my Fluid Chalk Stamp pads! Not only are they great with clear stamps but solid images or background stamps as well : ) Thanks fr a chance to play!


I would love to win


Linda turned me on to colobox chalk when I first got back into stamping several years ago! I love the chalk inks and the cats eyes are so economical. Thanks!


Linda turned me on to colobox chalk when I first got back into stamping several years ago! I love the chalk inks and the cats eyes are so economical. Thanks!

Donna V

I love these ink pads!


Count me in on this sweet INK! I just love Chalk Ink. Thanks Clearsnap for a chance.


Ooo, I'm 'new' to these, have about 3...thanks to taking fab A Muse classes with Michelle Clark in Marietta, GA.
Would Love to win 'em!


OK, I really hope I win this one because I use Colorbox inks exclusively! They are the best! The chalk inks are so soft and the colours are amazing and the pigment inks are so rich! Anyone who hasn't become addicted, go out and buy some now, you will be! The Chestnut Roan chalk ink is awesome for adding depth to pictures edges.


I'm with everyone else - I LOVE Color Box chalk ink! Good Luck everyone : ) Anita


What a great prize!! great colors and perfect size when hauling to the next card session. Have a great day!


Love Clearsnap's chalk inks. Thank you for the chance at winning! Tinla

jeanne j

yummy blog candy--I'd love to create with those!
Thx for the chance to win! hooray!


I love the Queue version of their Cat's Eyes. Great colors with minimal storage space, what could be better???


The ColorBox inks have always been part of my supplies inventory. Their white pigment ink is still my favorite, and the chalk inks are used nearly every time I stamp. Thanks for offering some in a chance for one of us to win - wonderful!

Kathy Hering

Hey I'd love to win!!!Thanks


Hooray for great prizes! :D


I am a BIG Clearsnap fan!!! This would be an awesome prize to "snap" up! :)


I am a BIG Clearsnap fan!!! This would be an awesome prize to "snap" up! :)

Tina W

I definitely love the colors that are produced when using the Colorbox inks! They are awesome for embossing as well. :o)


I am loving these inks more and more.


I love Colorbox pigment pads! They're the first ink pads I used when I started stamping in the early 90's. I'm still using the same black pad I bought all those years ago! I love their Cat's Eye pads... they beat Versa Color's cubes and Stampin Up's ink spots hands down! Unfortunately, the stamp shops in my town have stopped carrying the Clearsnap line, so I haven't been able to try their chalk pads yet :( But, occasionally, I find a few Cat's Eye pigment pads in stationery/gift stores, so maybe I'll be lucky one day and find some chalk pads... I've got my fingers crossed :) Thanks so much for the opportunity to win some Clearsnap goodies!


I love that clearsnap makes long strips of ink that come apart so you can use one at a time.

Stephanie Jones

one of my favorite brands of ink, those cat eye chalks, the direct to paper method is a daily use in my scrapbooking & card making.

Karen M.

I absolutely adore the little cat's eye inks! They are great to use when you want to ink only part of a stamp because the "pointy" ends let you get up close for details. And I wouldn't be without the Lipstick Red when working on Valentine's Day projects! And the snap-together set is just the right size to put in your tote and take 'em to stamp camps!


Sweeeet! I could not live without my Colorbox Chalk pads and cateyes, they rock! And I purchase all of my variety from A Muse. Absolutely, love them and can't get enough.


I recently discovered quite by accident the excellent coverage of clearsnap on clear stamps. Thanks for the chance to win!


You can never have too much ink/pads! The chalks are nice to use with clear stamps.

june gibbons

i love clearsnap, all the colors are beautiful, some look good enough to eat. my favs are the q's.


I'm haven't tried Clearsnap inks, but after hear all the great comments I'll have to look for them.

Alanna (al_silver2)

I love working with the fluid chalk inks...great colours! My Q's are perfect to take along when I travel, they are so compact!


Love using the chalk inks... and the new Queue's are yummy color combinations!

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