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June 21, 2008



Thanks for the opportunity to win an online class! I am fairly new to stamping but am loving it and would love to learn some new techniques!

Dana Klinkner

Wow - MCC sounds really amazing! An online class would be wonderful. Thanks for telling us more about MCC and for offering this contest.....so fun.

Jenifer VanPelt

Oooh, this is so exciting! Please enter me into the drawing, I'd love to win a class!


wow...I took one of Julie's classes on MCC and loved it...I use what I learned all the time now! I'd love to win the chance to take more classes!

Doreen Schostek

I've never attempted an online class....this may be the push I need!!


Never too late to try something new... like an on-line class... TFS!


Oh, so exciting!!!!

Erika M

Wow how awesome! I love the classes at my creative classroom.


OHHHH I can't wait!!!

kim Faucher

online classes would be so cool for us "out of towners!" lol


Nancy Gagnon

Thank you to MCC for sponsering AP. This is really a great resource for those of us that don't have a LSS availble to take classes at. What a fabulous prize offering & it sounds like so much fun!! Thanks for the chance!


Having enjoyed your class over at MCC, I'm delighted at the chance to win. Thanks MCC for the goodies and the online training.


Thank you for the opportunity to win such an a-mazing prize. I'm excited to see the AP stamp set, too.

Connie Heitner

This would be what I need, the chance to take an online class with the fab Julie, the Queen herself! Thanks to MCC for being a sponsor for AMAP.


How exciting! I would love to win an on-line class. I love all the contests and challenges you've been doing. I am having a good time. Thanks for the chance to win.


WOW this is exciting! I would love to be the lucky stamper to win this creative and inspiring giveaway. Thanks

Jill Grace

that's awesome. Thanks for sharing the info on this!

jeanne j

WOW! What a COOL idea!! Please pick me! :)

cindy vernon

I would love to win an online class. How fun!


Ooo...I've been wanting to check this out!!! FUN!


How very cool! I can't wait to see the new kit...

16 days to go and I am *definitely* counting :-)


I can't wait to see the kit and take the class... it will be my first with MCC!

Kathyc on SCS

Ooooh, what fun prizes! I'd love to win a 'class'! Thanks for the chance!
Kathy Camasso


All I can say is..."Wow!" What a great prize.

Karen Q

Online classes are the wave of the future. I would love to try one, especially if you are teaching it Julie. (grin) Thanks for the opportunity to play.

Karen M.

Many many thanks to MCC for being an AP sponsor and to Julie for being an instructor for the class. This is my first AP and I can't wait to see the new kit!

Stephanie Jones

THANK YOU! what an awesome opportunity.


I am so down for this. boyng boyng


How cool! I've been thinking about taking a class so it would be really fun to actually get to do it!


This is something I'd be into! Sounds like fun!

Dottie K

Wow I've never done an online classes and that sounds like so much fun. Thanks for a chance to win. :)

Shawn Wolf

What an amazing opportunity! A chance to learn new techniques in our pajamas! Sounds like fun!


Look like fun.

Linda Werth

Beautiful work Julie. I would love to be there.

Julia Aston

What a great offer - I already took one of Julie's on line classes and it was terrific.

thanks for the opportunity to win here!

Sarah C. (WAstamper on SCS)

Pick me, pick me! I've been wanting to take one of your classes, Julie, and this would be the perfect opportunity.:)


Wow, that's a great deal!


This sounds like a very cool company - I'd love to take a class! Have a great weekend!


Looking forward to learning some new skills through MCC flexible delivery.

Jennifer Moore

How cool!


What a great idea! I always am so bummed as there are no LSS near where I live. This would be a great opportunity!

Tinla W

What a grat giveaway! Thank you for the chance at winning! Tinla

Jo Ann F.

I would love to have an online class! I really don't have an stamp store near me.

Meegan  Gore

I had no idea there were online INTERACTIVE crafting classes. Fabulous! I would love to do an online class.


WOW! I love the idea of an online class! Can't wait!

Dawn G.

what a fun opportunity! thanks for the chance~


I'd love to try one of these classes! Thanks Julie, Amuse and MCC!


I'm so remote, the online class may be the only way I can participate. I'm thrilled and certainly plan on investigating MCC. Thanks, everyone!

Carol O'Leary

This sounds way cool! Thanks for telling us about it!


Oh, taking a class with My Creative Classroom has been on my to-do list for a while now. Thanks for the chance to play!

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