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June 07, 2008



I am always learning new techniques and how a stamp can turn into a work of art. Stamping is so relaxing for me and just creating something I can give to others.


creating unique cards, seeing others creations, and buying fun stuff!!


What I love most about stamping? Probably the fact that I have "my time" to use my creativity. It's just so relaxing.

Shellie Daniel

I love being able to create something artistic. It feeds my soul.

Bonnie Ratzloff

What do I love about stamping? Well, SCS for starters! I love the relaxation I get after a stress filled day, all of the wonderful friends I've made through stamping and all of the wonderful people I've gotten to meet through stamping. Most of all... is just plain having fun!

Claudia Piegdon

I have found my creativity, and I also enjoy seeing people's reactions to my cards.

Sarah Jay

I love the tactile experience of stamping: the texture of the paper in my hands, the little smoosh as rubber meets paper, crisp square corners, the raised edge of embossing, and even the ink that gets left on my fingertips. I just enjoy the "feel" of it.

Heidi Abel aka stampvamp

Stamping is therapy for me!!!! I can get lost in stamping and forget about my problems. I also like stamping because it is a way to meet some really cool people out there. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Tina W

What I love most about stamping is being able to add that personal touch to a card or project for someone and knowing that it will be cherished.


What I love most about stamping? This is going to be a long list but I'll try to cut it short. Some days are really stressful and stamping/making cards just really calms me down and it takes away the stress. I love being creative, learning new things, and just having an open mind. I Love it when someone says "you did that yourself? wow!" It's feel good. I love that I get to stamps w/ my older sis and my cousin and now my younger sis is kind of starting. It's making us even closer together. We are very close but now, we're super super close...ahahah...awwww....hooray for stamping!


Stamping gives me some sanity in what is sometimes an insane-feeling sort of life. I love that I can create something artistic with just a few (or many) materials and on a small scale. I also love that creating hand-stamped cards keeps me motivated to write letters to my family and friends across the miles. I truly enjoy the creative process, and my loved ones enjoy my results. It's a win-win situation always...

Emily D

I love the creativity of stamping. I also love making something useful using stamps (generally cards).

Erika M.

I love stamping because there are so many different ways you can use stamps. It's fun and challenging.


I love stamping, cuz it takes me away from reality and I just love to give someone something that is handmade from the heart. It makes it all worth while when you see that special smile on their faces. Thanks for a chance. Since I've been stamping, I've met so many wonderful stampers with so much creative and inspiring ideas. Thanks

Elyss Jennings

I enjoy all the cute images that are out there and the results you get of stamping them and then decorating them how you choose (coloring them, glittering them ect.).



I enjoy the finished product that comes from creating something totally unique. I also like to color.

kim lenhart

Stamping makes me feel like an artist...even though I'm far from it!!LOL it allows me to be creative, stress-free and to provide wonderful handmade cards and items to friends! I love stamping and I love a muse!


I enjoy stamping because it allows me to be creative...The artistic side of me does not get used in my job as a physical therapist, so it's certainly therapeutic for me to "cut and paste" in the evenings once the kiddos are in bed!

Julia (Artystamper on SCS)

I'm already a member of SCS BUT I LOVE stamping because it lets me be creative and I keep learning new ways of using stamps - on cards, crafts, clothing, gift bags etc etc!

Dana Klinkner

What I enjoy most about stamping is the ability to personalize cards for the people that are important in my life. When I hand stamp a card I can tailor make a card for the person that I'm giving it to and I LOVE that! I want my friends and family to always know how special they are to me and I LOVE that stamping helps me do that. :)

Thanks so much for the SCS history and information - it helped me understand a lot more about the site and what a wonderful resource it is for stampers. Thanks Julie! :)


Stamping is therapeutic for me - it's a time to relax and be alone with my thoughts. What I find fun about it is seeing an idea I have come alive on paper, dressing it up with pretty embellishments, much like a child trying out different clothes and accessories on a doll, and then seeing the face of the person I give the card to light up - that makes the time, and sometimes toil, that went into making the card totally worth it the end :)


Time just for me! Life is so hectic and as a mom of 3 I find my needs often get met last. Stamping is a great way to reclaim me time.


What do I enjoy most about stamping? Well, everything! Creating something totally unique, using totally awesome products and tools, meeting fellow stampers, seeing the reaction on a person's face when they find out you made it! What a totally rockin' hobby...I love it!


I love stamping because of the joy it gives me to create something and being able to encourage someone else when they receive my creation.

Jennifer Moore

I enjoy creating cards that brighten my family and friends days.


What I enjoy most is that it takes me out of my "life" for a moment! And I really love coloring images in different ways, it relaxes me in some ways.

Amanda Sewell

I love that it is a little escape for me. I always enjoyed creating art -- whether it was graphic design work in high school, or photography in college -- stamping I found as a mommy and it is perfect to just escape for a few minutes and then close up my stamp room and play with the kids and then get back to my projects later. I also LOVE all the friends I have made on SCS! Seriously, don't know what I would do without those awesome girls!!!

Joanne Travis

The thing that I love most about stamping is how much it relaxes me and makes me happy. I've heard it's cheaper than therapy but after stamping for 5 years have found that statement to be completely false!


I rediscovered stamping and visited a LSS that carried A Muse soon after. I wanted a hobby that could balance my technical, stressful job with something that brought me joy. Since my DH travels, my kids are young, and I am basically tied to my house after work, I needed to import my own fun! I could pursue this hobby with a very limited budget and use it to reconnect with people - I feel so isolated being so busy.
I loved SCS when I finally figured out how to use it! I discovered a whole family of stampers I could chat with from home. Thank you!

Christine Villacarlos

My favorite things about stamping..... hmmmm :) I love that it relaxes me. I love that it allows me to shop for more supplies/stamps :) and I love that there are so many sources of ideas

Kristin Z

I love stamping because it lets me express myself creatively. I work for a conversative company during the day where at times, it feels like creative expressions are stifled. Stamping gives me a outlet to "let my hair down" and go crazy with the paper and ink pads! One other plus- the look on someone's face when they open the envelope and see you took the time to make them a handmade greeting!


I love the creative outlet that stamping provides me. It is great that you don't have to be good at drawing to create wonderful cards and projects.


I love stamping because I can play with color. I just love all colors and when I get a card "just right" it makes me feel good.


There's nothing like being able to enhance the gift your giving with a homemade card or tag. That is better than the gift itself..in my book anyways!

Jo Ann F.

What I enjoy most about stamping is being able to give people a little piece of myself as I make and send cards to them.


I enjoy the time to be creative and make something that I know someone will appreciate many years down the line. It also gives me a hobby that is my own.

Pam Sparks

I love the challenge to create something that others will appreciate/like! I also like the "hunt" for rubber!
Christmas is my most favorite time of year for stamping. I love Christmas stamps! I really enjoy the challenge of incorporating rubber stamps into artist trading cards also. thanks for the great give-away!


All of the above! It's all about paper, scissors and coloring! And friends!


It's hard to pick just one thing that I enjoy the most...I love creating with my stamps, but I also love shopping for them.


It's relaxing. So relaxing!


I love many things about stamping. I always enjoy the "me time" where I don't have to worry about the little stresses in my life, I love having a creative outlet where I can say "Wow, look what I just did!", and I really like the aspect of sharing it with others, especially at SCS.


Stamping helps me relaxed. When I stamp, I put all of my attention on it and forget things that i worry about. Therefore, stamping is a very good relaxation technique.

Kathy W

The thing I enjoy most about stamping is the creative outlet that it provides. I love working with paper, and it is a joy to create and combine images to come up with a card. Plus stamping cards allows a handmade piece of "happy mail" to make it into the mailboxes of my friends and family.

Simone P.

I love to stamp with close friends...I like socializing, coming up with new ideas, relaxing and just having fun!


Rubber stamping is extremely relaxing. No matter how hectic the day is once I pick up that stamp and open that ink I forget about everything but the fun I can have for the next few minutes, who am I kidding, the next few hours is more like it.


I love having a card design pop into my head, making its way down my brain, spinal cord, hanging a left (or right) to my shoulder, slowing down at the curve of my elbow and gaining full speed as it races down my forearm, through my wrist, flying out of my fingers and coming in at a screeching halt once it hits cardstock, inks & acrylic (or rubber!!). When the card "happens" - it's the coolest feeling - ahhhh...I'm Queen of The World!!


design... card or altered items.

I like to go beyond what the stamp was designed to be stamped.

I'm looking into pop up since that doesn't seem to be combined with stamping from what I see so far.

That would be really cool.

Carolyn Parsons

I love stamping because it gives me a chance to escape every day life and play with color, textures and images. I feel refreshed when I'm done and have something to share with others.


It's hard to say what I love best, but I one of the things I love most about stamping is how it relaxes me by connecting with my creative side. I also love seeing the expression on someone's face when they recieve one of my cards for the first time!


What do I enjoy most about stamping?!? Hmmm...for starters, for me, it's a stress reliever!! Being a stay-at-home-mom, it gets rather hectic with two toddlers whose always trying to decide whose the bigger boss!! I always tell them, "it's me, your mom, alright!!" It gets really crazy, I tell you. So when it's time to do some cardmaking, it really takes away soo much stress. Secondly, there are so much fun things I can do with different kinds of stamps, I can totally mix/match all of them kinds! Lasty, it's really AWESOME to share the same passion with my cousin, and two sisters!! We're totally LOCOS about stamps, papers, and pretty much about everything!! ~Armie :0)

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