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July 10, 2008


Kristin Z.

I can't believe I'm the first! Boris is visiting Napoleon's Tomb at Les Invalides in Paris, France!!


Les Invalides - The dome!


Let's hope that Boris doesn't suffer from the same complex!! My guess is Les Invalides in Paris, France! And the tomb in the background belongs to Monsieur Napoleon Bonaparte!

Erika M

Boris is visiting Les Invalides, Paris, France - Napolean's Tomb

Cheryl Sims

Well, Boris is little and Napoleon is little too so I would guess Napoleons tomb!!! This was harder than normal!
Cheryl Sims


Les Invalides in Paris, France. (The sarcophagus of Napoleon Bonaparte)


Napolean's tomb

Ann I.

Les Invalides Napoleon's Tomb

Kimberly O'Rosky

I had to Wiki that one :)
Paris, France
Les Invalides: The sarcophagus of Napoleon Bonaparte

yvonne versloot

Les Invalides napolians tomb


Napoleon's Tomb


Napoleon's Tomb in Paris, France


Boris is at - Napoleon's Tomb, Les Invalides in France.

Amy T.

Napoleon's Tomb in Par-ee


Paris, France (Napoleon's tomb)

Mary Ann

Les Invalides, Paris France, Napoleon's tomb. I've been there. Such a big sarcophagus for such a little man.


Napoleon's tomb

Susan N

The Sarcophagus of Napeoleon Bonaparte at Les Invalides, Paris.

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings

Napoleon's tomb!!! Cool photo!

Dana Klinkner

Napoleon's Tomb at Les Invalides in Paris, France - Wow!!!

kim lenhart

Napoleon's tomb!!

Cindy Vernon

Napoleon's Tomb at Les Invalides in Paris, France

Edye Giordano

Why does Boris have such a better life than me?? Les Invalides in Paris, France.

rachel calrson

that was a great clue too! napoleon's tomb at les invalides in paris, france. his travels keep getting better and better...

shirley wong

Napoleon's tomb paris, france

june gibbons

napoleon's tomb, i hope boris doesn't have short man's syndrome, maybe that's why he's CRAZY!!


Napoleon's tomb in Paris.


Les Invalides Paris, France Napoleon's Tomb

Janet Sisk

Les Invalides in Paris, France, which is the tomb of Napoleon.


Paris (Napoleon's Tomb)


He is in Paris visiting Napoleon's Tomb.

Kelly Braund

I'd have to agree with Napolean's Tomb.


What a sad, sad, little man!! :)

Napolean's Tomb!

Tobey Shepherd

well, I am thinking you all might be right, but I am going to guess Tom Thumbs grave in Lincolnshire England...

Holy Trinity Collegiate Church and Tom Thumb's grave
Next to his castle, Cromwell built the magnificent perpendicular style Holy Trinity Church, founded in 1438. Here there are the remains of some of the finest medieval stained glass in England, as well as Tom Thumb's grave by the font.


Ok now, my eye sight isn't the greatest. So I stared and stared at it and my guess will be....
Paris, France
Les Invalides
The sarcophagus of Napoleon Bonaparte
I sure hope that Boris finds his way back.


Yeah! I was hoping that Boris had been able to visit Paris, too! Here he is visiting Napoleon's tomb at Les Invalides.


Napolean's Tomb, Paris, France

Beth Wold

Napoleon's tomb, Paris, France

Rachel Hope

I'll go with the Short Man's Tomb as well :)

Paris, France...Napolean's Tomb


Les Invalides

Jenn G

Napoleon's tomb

Jill Grace

I was originally thinking leprechauns, but the curved wood piece in the background didn't make sense. Of course, the quintessential king of shortness makes more sense and his tomb has the right shape. Napoleon it is!


Les Invalides in Paris, France - Napoleon's tomb.

Alanna (al_silver2)

Boris is visiting Napoleon's sarcophagus in Paris at Les Invalides...

riza almanza

Les Invalides in Paris, France


Napoleon's tomb in Paris.


I think all the Napoleon guesses are probably right, but as small as Napoleon was he was still bigger than Boris! I'm going with Tom Thumb's grave in Lincolnshire, England - closer to Boris' height!

Kelly H.

Paris, France---Napoleon's Tomb

Linda w

Napoleon's Tomb, Les Invalides, Paris, France


would love to track Boris on his adventures, esp now that he is in Les Invalides in Paris, France

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