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July 07, 2008



I'm going to go with Cape Cod.


A wild guess but I will go with Fisherman's Wharf!

Linda w

I guess I will go with Cape Cod also.


Clam Chowder has gotta mean New England??

Ann I.

Cape Cod

michele h.

I believe boris is on cape cod...

Alanna (al_silver2)

I will guess Cape Cod...it's beautiful!!

Julia Aston

Cape Cod is my guess!

Kathy Toth

Fisherman's Wharf

Jennifer Moore

Portland, Maine?


Not easy this one but I guess it to be somewhere in New England and so I will say Cape Cod.

Melinda R

My guess is Cape Cod.

jenifer vanpelt

Well, it's New England-Style clam chowder . . . and, really, that could be from any of the New England states . . . but the fish clue makes me want to say it has to be the Cape . . . so Cape Cod!


I was dying to know exactly where he was in New England but I'll narrow my guess down to Cape Cod.

Val S

Just a guess...Fisherman's Wharf???

Kristin O

Cape Cod??

Janet Sisk

This was hard, but I think I will go with Cape Cod since it would appear to be a single cod! LOL


definately Cape Cod!
cute game!


Cape Cod

yvonne versloot

cape cod


Cape Cod

Tina Mayo

I am going to guess fisherman's wharf

Elyss Jennings

This is a little harder then the others, I am going to guess boston though!


Cape Cod


Cape Cod???


Boston, Mass (Cape Cod)

Dana Klinkner

Fisherman's Warf - such a fun game!!!


I will guess Cape Cod for the halibut!


I will guess Cape Cod for the halibut!


I will guess Cape Cod for the halibut!


I will guess Cape Cod for the halibut!

Nancy Gagnon

Sounds like Boris is in New England.

Julie Royer

My guess is Cape Cod

Erin Glee

Cape Cod?

Beth Wold

I want to guess Fisherman's Warf... even though many have guessed Cape Cod

Tinla W

Cape Cod

Lee Anne

Cape Cod


cape cod!! i bet this is jenn's pic!


i kept thinking this looked like fishing boats in seattle, but i'm not familiar with boston either.the clue "not so many fishes" makes me guess sandwich, ma. am i right?

Lori Barnett

sheesshh...I'm guessing Cape Cod. hummm....I hope I'm right

Jo Ann F.

Cape Cod Massachusetts


New England


cape cod

Angie (Anna741)

My guess is Fisherman's Wharf.

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