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July 14, 2008



Congrats Erin!!!


Wow what a great prize! Congrats! I meant to ask on this last game how precise we had to be...since some of the answers are more vague than others....If there are any other games where we need to answer questions can you put it more clearly how precise you want the answers cause I know there was confusion with the first go around on Paris, France....This was fun!


This was a really fun game - and there was a great prize to match! Congrats Erin!

Erin Glee

Thank you, A Muse, for all this creative, crazy A-Muze-A-Palooza Fun and Games, and for this WON-der-Fulooza Prize! I am SO excited~Thank you! And thank you Cookie and Tran for your Congrats!

Erin Glee

Oh! And thank you Nancy L, too!

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